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Emergency plans

Contents of these proceedings include: meeting highlights; Domestic Preparedness and the Impact on Large Jails by Sue Menser; meeting participants discussion of issues; Role of the Jail in Public Health Policy by Don Leach; MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Areus by Dennis Williams; response by jail and public health officials to contagious disease emergencies; National Sheriffs Association: Weapons of Mass Destruction Initiative: Jail Evacuation Planning and Implementation by Mike Jackson and Joseph Oxley; Legal Issues in Jails2004" by Bill Collins; Topics for the Next Large Jail Network Meeting by Richard Geaither; meeting agenda; and meeting participants list.

Proceedings of Cover

Contents of these proceedings include: meeting highlights; "Cost Containment for Inmate Health Care" by Rebecca Craig; "Taming the Cost of Health Care in Detentions: What Works in San Diego County" by William Sparrow; "Confronting Costs for Medical Care: Open Forum Discussion"; "Increased Medical Costs: Managed Care and Private Contracts" by David Parrish and Dennis Williams; "Public Health and Jails: Challenges and Current Activities" by Roberto Hugh Potter and Dennis Andrews; "Succession Planning: Mentoring and Training Future Middle Managers" by Rocky Hewitt and Al Johnson; "Preventing Jail Suicides" by Jim Babcock; "Update on Large Jail Issues"; "Topics For the Next Large Jail Network Meeting" by Richard Geaither; meeting agenda; and participant list.

Proceedings of Cover

“This white paper describes the issues facing corrections policy and leadership as the impacts of climate change and its related consequences confront departments, agencies, and facilities in coming years. Not only will corrections have to manage the effects of more extreme weather and temperatures than in the past. Corrections will also have to develop and improve its flexibility and resiliency in its operations to weather the multiple coming changes while maintaining its core functions of protecting the public, corrections staffs, and offenders” (p. 1). This publication will explain how you can deal with these challenges. Sections of this document include: introduction to climate change and corrections; the potential impact; the role of leadership; resilience-oriented leadership; and concluding observations.

Resilience in Corrections: A Proactive Approach to Changing Conditions Cover

This 3-hour videoconference explains emergency preparedness action planning from a systemic perspective conducive to natural community partnerships. The following topics are discussed:

  • The nature of corrections-related emergencies;
  • Partners, resources, and mechanisms for stakeholder response to emergencies;
  • Elements of a written emergency plan;
  • Assessment strategies for level of alert and responses from line staff through the command level;
  • Follow-up after emergency action has been taken;
  • And emerging trends for future emergency analysis and preparation.

The DVD also includes a 1-hour locally facilitated planning session

Systemic Approaches to Emergency Preparedness Affecting Correctional Communities Cover


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