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  • The Greening of Probation

    The utilization of a web-based Reusable Case Management System (RCMS) by the New York City Department of Probation to send judges offender reports
  • Greening Corrections: People, Programs, and Practices [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held July 14, 2010]

    This program seeks to increase environmental awareness among corrections professionals and focuses attention on the need to make correctional facil
  • Greening Juvenile Justice

    The strength of this article is in its discussion of an often forgotten part of greening a facility-the use of environmentally safe cleaning produc

    “Your Source for News and Information on Environmentally Responsible Products and Services in the Corrections Industry.” Points of access are: abou
  • The Green Corrections Project: Action Plans and Lessons Learned

    This report is a great description of the three-phase Green Corrections project, sponsored by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC).
  • Sustainability in Prisons

    “A look at the past, present, and future of the Sustainability in Prisons Project in Washington state commemorating the 5th anniversary of the proj
  • Resilience in Corrections: A Proactive Approach to Changing Conditions

    “This white paper describes the issues facing corrections policy and leadership as the impacts of climate change and its related consequences confr
  • The Green Corrections Challenge-National Institute of Corrections [Podcast]

    This program "addressed Green Corrections and the Green Corrections Challenge; an effort to document what agencies are doing to support environment
  • A New Life Behind Bars: A Prison Retrofit

    This innovatively designed report is an excellent examination of how a prison could become more sustainable and save costs.
  • Green Corrections Symposium Notes

    "On November 21, 2014, the Green Corrections Symposium convened professionals from the corrections community, as well as partners including reentry
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