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Adult and Juvenile Correctional Population Projections: Fiscal Years 2013 to 2018

Projections are presented for changes in Texas’ adult and juvenile correctional populations from 2013 to 2018.

Criminal Justice Uniform Cost Report: Fiscal Years 2010 to 2012

This report determines cost per day information for various adult and juvenile correctional populations.

Drug Courts’ Effects on Criminal Offending for Juveniles and Adults

The objective of this review is to systematically review quasi-experimental and experimental (RCT) evaluations of the effectiveness of drug courts in reducing recidivism, including drug courts for juvenile and DWI offenders.

Is This a Good Quality Outcome Evaluation Report? A Guide for Practitioners

This guide is designed to introduce and explain the key concepts in outcome evaluation research in order to help practitioners distinguish between good and poor quality evaluation reports.

NPC Research Reports & Publications

NPC Research provides quality social services evaluation, policy analysis, research, and training.

National Institute of Corrections and DC Pretrial-Measuring What Matters-DC Public Safety

National Institute of Corrections and DC Pretrial-Measuring What Matters-DC Public Safety

Implementing Evidence-Based Principles in Community Corrections: A Case Study of Successes and Challenges in Maine

The integration of evidence-based principles, organizational development, and collaboration is investigated.

Offender Workforce Development Services Makes an Impact

Results are presented from an ongoing evaluation project on the effectiveness of offender workforce development (OWD) services.

Measuring What Matters: Outcome and Performance Measures for the Pretrial Services Field

This monograph presents outcome and performance measures and mission-critical data that will help pretrial service agencies to be more effective.

National Institute of Corrections Training Evaluation Project, 2005-2007: Training Results, Activity Level Changes, and Implementation Results

<p>Results from the Training Evaluation Project assessing the training offered by the National Institute of Corrections are presented.</p>


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