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Evidence-based practice

Analysis of the Use of the Structured Decisionmaking Framework in Three States

This report explains how the Structured Decisionmaking Framework is a high-quality tool for making high-quality conditional release decisions.

A Practical Approach to Evidence-Based Juvenile Justice Systems

This article presents a practical approach that juvenile justice systems can take in achieving evidence-based programming that reduces recidivism.

Understanding, Promoting, and Sustaining the Use of Research and Evidence-Based Practices by State Administering Agencies

These toolkits comprise a series on promoting the use of evidence-based practices in State Administering Agencies (SAAs).

What Works and What Doesn’t in Reducing Recidivism with Youthful Offenders

This report is an introduction about how to effectively reduce youthful offender recidivism

Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems Initiative

This report describes the EBDM Phase II technical assistance approach and presents findings from this process evaluation and outcome assessment.

Evaluation of Phase II Technical Assistance for Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems

This brief discusses results from the report "Evaluation of Phase II Technical Assistance for EBDM in Local Criminal Justice Systems.              

Toward Evidence-Based Decision Making in Community Corrections: Research and Strategies for Successful Implementation

This publication contains articles on community corrections, with special emphasis on successful implementation strategies.

Updated Inventory of Evidence-Based, Research-Based, and Promising Practices for Prevention and Intervention Services For Children and Juveniles in the Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Mental Health Systems

Prevention and intervention services (mental health, child welfare, and juvenile justice) provided to children and juveniles are inventoried.

A Toolkit for Applying the Cultural Enhancement Model To Evidence-Based Practice

This paper explains how to overcome barriers with EBP dissemination and program retention using the Cultural Enhancement Model.

CJ-TRAK Knowledge Translation Tool Suite

This website is provides several decision-support tools designed to facilitate knowledge translation for justice-involved youth.


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