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Evidence-based practice

A Toolkit for Applying the Cultural Enhancement Model To Evidence-Based Practice

This paper explains how to overcome barriers with EBP dissemination and program retention using the Cultural Enhancement Model.

CJ-TRAK Knowledge Translation Tool Suite

This website is provides several decision-support tools designed to facilitate knowledge translation for justice-involved youth.

Issues in Defining and Applying Evidence-Based Practices Criteria for Treatment of Criminal-Justice Involved Clients

This article provides a general overview of EBP, particularly as it applies to drug treatment and other interventions for offenders.

Women's Risk Factors and New Treatments/Interventions for Addressing Them: Evidence-Based Interventions in the United States and Canada

This paper describes assessments of female offenders used by correctional agencies and the programs and resources provided by these agencies to meet female offenders' needs.

What's the Evidence for Evidence-Based Practice?

This article explains why one must be cautious with implementing an evidence-based program. 

Inventory of Evidence-Based and Research-Based Programs for Adult Corrections

Evidence-based and research-based programs to be used by adult corrections in Washington State are inventoried.

Case Study: New York City Department of Probation’s Federal Partnership Efforts: Profile of a Successful Technical Assistance Collaboration With the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National Institute of Corrections

This brief explains how the NYC DOP Adult Operations Division partnered with the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the National Institute of Correction (NIC) to create an organizational culture within the division that was committed to using evidence-based practices.

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JIIE)

The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange is the only publication covering juvenile justice and related issues nationally on a consistent, daily basis.

Implementing Evidence-Based Practices

This is a resource which was featured on the previous Collaborative for Change website. The Collaborative for Change website has been retired but we have housed this resource as a PDF document. The document will remain as is and is no longer being updated as of September 2016.

Forensic Assertive Community Treatment: Updating the Evidence

This brief provides a great introduction to forensic assertive community treatment (FACT).


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