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Facility design and construction

Project Guide: Assessment of Project Status & Technical Assistance Needs

A checklist for assessing the Tribe's progress through the facility development process is provided. 

New Jail Planning

Local jurisdictions face a wide variety of challenges when deciding whether to build a new jail. If they decide to build, they face further challenges in the planning, construction, and operation of a new jail.

Jails Division

The NIC Jails Division's services include training, networks, technical assistance, and information resources, such as documents and DVDs. These services are conducted under four initiatives.

Guidelines for Staffing a Local Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

The guide offers practical advice for planning CJCC staffing by describing the important things to do when addressing system-wide issues.

Jail Design Guide

This guide discusses current standards and architectural principles that are important to building a cost-efficient jail to meet a locality’s needs.

New Jail Planning: Getting It Right

This video covers lessons learned by four communities that built new jail using the four major steps of the Facility Developmental Process model.

Facility Development Process

A facility development process plan is provided.

Jail Design and Operation and the Constitution: An Overview

This paper discusses the continuing challenge of deciding what those protections mean in practice and the struggle to assure that inmate rights are met.

Jail Planning and Expansion: Local Officials and Their Roles, Second Edition

This publication should be the first one policymakers turn to when developing jail facilities.

Report to the Congress of the United States on the Activities of the Department of Justice in Relation to the Prison Rape Elimination Act (Public Law 108-79)

Covering the calendar year 2005, this third annual report to Congress summarizes the activities of the OJP and NIC to curtail prison rape.


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