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Families of inmates

Family Engagement in Juvenile Justice (2018)

Family engagement in juvenile justice involves establishing a collaborative relationship in which families are partners in both their children’s treatment and in developing the policies, programs, and practices of the system … This literature review focuses on synthesizing descriptions of the rol

Stronger Together

This collection of handbooks is an excellent resource for anyone who cares for or works with children who have incarcerated parents.

Who Pays? The True Cost of Incarceration on Families

This research reports how families struggle financially while also dealing with emotional and physical trauma when a family member is incarcerated.

Toolkit for Developing Family-Focused Jail Programs

This toolkit identifys promising practices for developing family-centered jail programs to address the effects of incarceration of parents on children.

Reaching In: A Handbook for the Families of Parents Incarcerated in Wisconsin

This handbook is designed to help the caregiver and child(ren) deal with a parents' incarceration, emphasizing communication prior to release.

Prison Parenting Programs: Resources for Parenting Instructors in Prisons and Jails

This handbook contains parenting programs, such as family support and parent/child book reading, for use by correctional educators.

Promising and Innovative Practices for Children of Incarcerated Parents: Arrest through Pre-Adjudication [Webinar]

This webinar highlights promising and innovative programs and practices aimed at reducing trauma for children of incarcerated parents.

How To Explain A Parent's Arrest To A Child

These four pocket-sized cards are wonderful tools to remind law enforcement staff about the impacts on a child whose parents are being arrested or incarcerated.

Using Family Mapping Tools to Enhance Outcomes for Tribal Members under Community Supervision

This fact sheet is designed to serve as an overview of two family tools that help people visualize the connections within families and the connections families have to their community: genograms and ecomaps.

Reading on the Inside: Programs Help Incarcerated Parents Connect with Their Children through Books

This article explains how incarcerated parents can make a recording of themselves reading a children’s book to give to their kids.


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