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Families of inmates

Implementing the Family Support Approach for Community Supervision

Implementation of the Family Support Approach for Community Supervision is explained. 

Coming Home from Prison: Family Matters

<p>This website provides access to keynote remarks, comments, Q and A, presentations, and handouts from a seminar on the impact of families on community reentry.</p>

Children of Prisoners: Children of Promise [Videoconference Held June 18, 2003]

This three-hour videoconference identifies the problems and greatest needs of incarcerated parents and caretakers with regard to their children. 

Community Supervision: Using a Strength-Based, Family-Focused Approach [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held March 16, 2005]

This program identifies the strengths and resources inherent in the family as a fundamental support system for recently released inmates.

Improving the Response to Offenders with Mental Illness Through Mental Health and Criminal Justice Collaboration

Proceedings are provided from two days of hearings regarding mentally ill offenders.


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