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Federal prison system

Youthful Offenders in the Federal System (2017)

Although youthful offenders account for about 18 percent of all federal offenders sentenced between fiscal years 2010 and 2015, there is little current information published about them.

Presidential Memorandum -- Limiting the Use of Restrictive Housing by the Federal Government

This White House memorandum from March 2016 addresses the overuse of solitary confinement in correctional and detention systems.         

Transforming Prisons, Restoring Lives: Final Recommendations of the Charles Colson Task Force on Federal Corrections

This report proposes reforms that could result in reducing the federal prison population by 60,000 people and saving over $5 billion.

U.S. Department of Justice Report and Recommendations Concerning the Use of Restrictive Housing [Final Report, Appendixes, and Guiding Principles]

The Report includes more than 50 “Guiding Principles” intended as best practices for correctional facilities across the criminal justice system

FACT SHEET: Department of Justice Review of Solitary Confinement

A summary of the DOJ review of the use of restrictive housing in the BOP.

The Prison Population Forecaster // Federal Prison Population: How to reduce the federal prison population

This tool highlights the unique drivers of the federal prison population and the types of policy changes necessary to reduce the BOP population.

Drug Offenders in Federal Prisons: Estimates of Characteristics Based on Linked Data

This Special Report presents a description of drug offenders in federal prison, including criminal history, demographics, gun involvement in the offense, and sentence imposed.

Drivers of Growth in the Federal Prison Population

This report from the Charles Colson Task Force on Federal Corrections examines trends in federal prison growth.

Communications Management Units

In this document, the Bureau of Prisons (Bureau) finalizes regulations that establish and describe Communications Management Units (CMUs).

Federal Justice Statistics, 2011 - 2012

This report provides annual data on workload, activities, and outcomes associated with federal criminal cases.


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