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Women in prisons

  • Classification of Women Offenders: A National Assessment of Current Practices

    Findings from a telephone assessment of state and federal practices for classifying women offenders are presented.
  • Classification of Women Offenders: A National Assessment of Current Practices and the Experiences of Three States

    The development of improved strategies for classifying female offenders is addressed. Sections of this report include:
  • Gender-Responsive Strategies: Research, Practice, and Guiding Principles for Women Offenders

    Guidance for those individuals "seeking to more effectively respond to the behavior and circumstances of the female offender" is offered (p. iv).
  • Developing Gender-Specific Classification Systems for Women Offenders

    A report which highlights the results of two cooperative agreements from the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) addressing the critical need f
  • Achieving Accurate Pictures of Risk and Identifying Gender Responsive Needs: Two New Assessments for Women Offenders

    The development of new risk/needs assessments specifically designed for female offenders is discussed.
  • Mentoring Women in Reentry

    "This Practice Brief focuses on the benefits of establishing healthy social and civic connections through mentoring of criminal justice-involved wo
  • Gendered Violence and Safety: A Contextual Approach to Improving Security in Women's Facilities

    "In response to the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA), this project ...
  • Commentary: Abandoned: Abolishing Female Prisons to Prevent Sexual Abuse and Herald an End to Incarceration

    "Because the U.S. is unable to prevent widespread sexual violations of incarcerated women, it should apply the prescriptions of a recent U.K.
  • Through Their Eyes: How Prisoners Make Sense of Their Incarceration

    This is an excellent article if you want to understand how inmates feel about incarceration.
  • Washington Corrections Center for Women TEDx Talks

    This website provides access to TEDx videos given at the Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) "Does Gender Matter" event on March 14, 201
  • Adopting a Gender-Responsive Approach for Women in the Justice System: A Resource Guide

    This guide to gender-responsive approaches was developed by The Council of State Governments Justice Center in partnership with the National Resour

  • Women in Prison: Seeking Justice Behind Bars

    This report examines the state of federal civil rights protections for incarcerated women to explore women’s experiences while incarcerated.