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Female offenders

An Unsupported Population (2018)

This report, the second in our two-part series, takes a closer look at the issues facing women who are currently incarcerated. The centerpiece of this report is a survey of women we conducted to learn more about their experiences prior to and during incarceration.

Girls Leaving Detention: Perceptions of Transition to Home After Incarceration (2017)

Young women exiting juvenile justice agencies may confront myriad challenges when returning to their home. Transition to home skills learned and goals established during detention may be difficult to maintain in a home environment.

Critical Issues Impacting Women in the Justice System: A Literature Review

The authors review the literature relevant to the study of violence and safety in women’s prison.

Spotlight on Girls in the Juvenile Justice System (2018)

The latest data highlight trends and characteristics of girls at various stages in the juvenile justice system.

Mi Hermana's Keeper Toolkit: Promising Practices for Juvenile Justice Prevention Programs Supporting Latina Youth (2017)

The toolkit provides effective culturally responsive practices for prevention programs supporting Latina youth who are at risk of placement in juvenile detention including recommendations, action steps for each recommendation, and targeted resources.

Helping Girls Get Back on Track: An Implementation Study of the PACE Center for Girls (2017)

This report describes the implementation of PACE at the 14 centers that are participating in the evaluation. The research found that PACE successfully implemented its unique model as planned in multiple locations.

Bringing Gender-Responsive Principles into Practice Evidence from the Evaluation of the PACE Center for Girls (2017)

This brief describes the principles of gender-responsive programs, summarizes the literature, and presents highlights of MDRC’s implementation study of PACE Center for Girls.

Stopping School Pushout for: Girls Involved in the Juvenile Justice System (2017)

This report highlights the data on girls in the juvenile justice system and the trauma that often leads them there, examines the effect the juvenile justice system has on girls and their access to education, and offers recommendations to avoid placing girls in the juvenile justice system and inst


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