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Female offenders

Critical Issues Impacting Women in the Justice System: A Literature Review

The authors review the literature relevant to the study of violence and safety in women’s prison.

The Gender Divide: Tracking women’s state prison growth (2018)

This report sheds more light on women in the era of mass incarceration by tracking prison population trends since 1978 for all 50 states.

Spotlight on NRCJIW Technical Assistance: An Overview of the Maricopa County, Arizona MOSAIC Program (2017)

In an effort to provide more evidence-based and supportive programming for women in the local jail and those transitioning to the community, Maricopa County sought technical assistance from the National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women, a project funded by BJA, in partnership with the Na

National Institute of Corrections Drug-Free Prison Zone Project: Evaluation Component for Each of Eight State Sites: Final Report

Results from projects implementing new strategies for drug interdiction within an institutional setting are presented. This compilation includes findings from final evaluation reports provided by Maryland, California, Kansas, New York, and Florida.

A Review of the Jail Function Within State Unified Corrections Systems

This paper describes some of the more common methods for evaluating correctional programs, and is designed to address program effectiveness.

Evidence-Based Practice: Principles for Enhancing Correctional Results in Prisons

This paper will provide prison staff with information to enhance their mananagement of female prisons.

No Place for Youth: Girls in the Adult Justice System

This report is necessary reading for anyone working with girls who are incarcerated in adult correctional facilities.

Community Services Division

The Community Services Division coordinates consulting services (technical assistance), specialized training, and other programs related to probation, parole, and other forms of community-based corrections.

Communications Toolkit: Resources for Outreach and Educating Others on Justice Involved Women and Gender Responsive Approaches

Women involved in the criminal justice system have challenging and complex needs that are different than men’s.

Women in Detention: A Guide to Gender-Sensitive Monitoring|Second edition

This paper focuses on the situation of women in detention in the criminal justice system and outlines risks faced by women deprived of liberty.


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