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Forms/record keeping

  • Emergency Preparedness Assessment Resource Supplements

    Supplemental resources for the training program "Emergency Preparedness Assessment" (NIC accession no. 006995) are presented.
  • Budget Guide for Jail Administrators - Part 1: Developing the Budget

    Designed for jail administrators, this guide discusses the elements of an effective process for budgeting both capital and operational jail expense
  • Jail Design Review Handbook

    A tool for reviewing conceptual options and schematic designs for new or renovated jails is presented.
  • Developing and Revising Detention Facility Policies and Procedures

    A "basic, updated guide to assist local detention administrators in developing and revising their policy and procedure manuals" is presented (p.
  • Building Culture Strategically: A Team Approach for Corrections

    “This guide, a product of the National institute of Corrections’ (NIC’s) Institutional Culture Initiative, presents a model designed to produce hig
  • Avoiding Your Day in Court -- Addressing Training Liability Through Defensible Strategies

    Liability issues related to correctional training programs are discussed. Participants will be able to:
  • Managing Risk in Jails

    "This manual will help jails both to understand risk and its implication for jails and to develop a formal, effective risk management program that
  • Prison Staffing Analysis: A Training Manual with Staffing Considerations for Special Populations

    This manual provides guidance that “will enable an agency staffing administrator to set up an agency staffing analysis unit and produce a staffing
  • Our System of Corrections: Do Jails Play a Role in Improving Offender Outcomes?

    "This document will review the role of jails and incarceration within United States' correctional systems and propose opportunities for jail offici
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