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Halfway house

“With the growing emphasis on reentry readiness, federal, state, and local correctional agencies have developed reentry strategies that rely to varying degrees on “halfway” residential facilities, called “residential reentry centers” (RRCs) … This report provides a framework and a set of guidelines for the structure, implementation, and evaluation of RRCs” (p. i). Sections of this report following an executive summary include: from current to best practice regarding halfway houses; residential reentry facilities in the middle; guiding principles for residential reentry centers; effectiveness of these centers; improving their performance; public contracting for services; guiding principles for performance-based contracting; and summary and recommendations.

Halfway from Prison to the Community: From Current Practice to Best Practice Cover

“These documents comprise the instrument that auditors will use to audit the U.S. Department of Justice's PREA Standards for Juvenile Faculties.” Elements comprising this instrument are: “Pre-Audit Questionnaire”; “Auditor Compliance Tool” used to determine PREA compliance; “Instructions for PREA Audit Tour” of the facility; “Interview Protocols” for agency head or designee, facility director or designee, PREA Coordinator, specialized staff, random staff, and residents; “Auditor Summary Report” template; "Process Map” describing the audit process from start to finish; and “Checklist of Documentation”.

PREA Audit Instrument – Community Confinement Facilities cover
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