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Preventing and Controlling Hepatitis A in Jails and Prisons [Webinar]

Learn how current community hepatitis A outbreaks are affecting correctional jurisdictions, and how you can prevent cases from becoming outbreaks in your own facilities.

Correctional Healthcare

The NIC Information Center has collected a number of resources to provide an overview of the issues surrounding correctional healthcare.

ACA Mapping Initiative

The ACA Mapping Initiative focused on mapping the flow of data from point of initial detention and hearings with a focus on identifying opportunities for increased efficiency, sharing information and reducing duplication of information and services to enhance continuity of care.

Prison Inmates' Prerelease Application for Medicaid: Take-up Rates in Oregon

This report examines whether enrollment in Medicaid prior to release from prison succeeds in generating health insurance coverage after release.

Medicaid Administrative Claiming and Targeted Case Management: Opportunities for Public Safety [Webinar]

This webinar defines roles that criminal justice professionals play in Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) and Targeted Case Management (TCM).

Health Literacy: Enhancing Access to Health Care for Justice-Involved Individuals [Webinar]

This webinar explains: what health literacy has to do with accessing health care.

Toolkit: State Strategies to Enroll Justice-Involved Individuals in Health Coverage

This toolkit provides state officials with actionable information about policies and practices available to connect offenders to Medicaid.

Predictive Analytics in Health Care and Criminal Justice: Three Case Studies

This issue paper presents three case studies showing how predictive analytics is being used by hybrid health and criminal justice systems. 

Minimize Compassion Fatigue, Avoid Burnout and Reignite Your Passion

This article discusses ways that Corrections Fatigue can impact the well-being of mental health professionals who work in jail and prison setting.

Forgotten Women: Incarceration and Health Concerns of Minority Women

Issues regarding health conditions and health education of incarcerated minority women are discussed in this paper.


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