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Arts Infusion Initiative, 2010-15: Evaluation Report

This report evaluates the Arts Infusion Initiative, which was designed to connect “at-risk youth” to rigorous and engaging arts instruction.

Using Evidence-Based Interventions with Youth Who Have Committed Sexual Offenses

This report explains how other agencies can use ERASOR to strengthen their responses to sexual offending by youth.

Performance Incentive Funding for Prison Diversion: An Implementation Study of the DuPage County Adult Redeploy Illinois Program

This webinar illustrates the benefits of blending of cognitive and behavioral theories resulting in effective practice across custody settings.

Improving Illinois’ Response to Sexual Offenses Committed by Youth: Recommendations for Law, Policy, and Practice

While this report comments on issues related to youth who sexually offend in Illinois, its recommendations are applicable to any state.

Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Among Detained Youth

In this bulletin, the authors examine suicidal thoughts and behaviors among 1,829 youth ages 10 to 18 in the Northwestern Juvenile Project—a longitudinal study of youth detained at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center in Chicago, IL.

An Inventory and Examination of Restorative Justice Practices for Youth in Illinois

This study examines the extent to which programs incorporate the components of restorative justice and provides an inventory of RJ programs.

Raising the Age of Juvenile Court Jurisdiction: The Future of 17-Year-Olds in Illinois’ Justice System

This report explains why 17-year-olds should be in juvenile court; brain development, behavior, and the law; safety benefits; and economic benefits.

The Northwestern Juvenile Project: Overview

This report provides information on how to facilitate successful reentry and successful transition to adulthood for justice-involved youth.

Responding to Women Offenders: The Department of Women's Justice Services in Cook County, Illinois

<p>The development and implementation of the Cook County Sheriff's Department of Women's Justice Services (DWJS) is discussed.</p>

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