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Incarcerated Individual employment

  • Job Descriptions for OES, OWDS, and OWDPM

    "[A] comprehensive list of skills, functions, and duties for use by agencies in developing job descriptions for Offender Employment Specialist (OES
  • OCJTP Annual Report to Congress: Fiscal Years 2001 and 2002

    Work done during fiscal years 2001 and 2002 by the Office of Correctional Job Training and Placement (OCJTP) to "enhanc[e] offenders' abilities to
  • Results of the Offender Workforce Development Specialist Post-Training Survey

    Results from a "post-training survey to assess the usability of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the course [Offender Workforce Development
  • Offender Job Retention: A Report from the Offender Workforce Development Division, National Institute of Corrections

    Results from a survey of offender employment and retention issues that utilizes close-ended questions regarding topics such as assessment, case man
  • Correctional Industries Preparing Inmates for Re-Entry: Recidivism & Post-Release. Final report

    This report summarizes the first national review of the recidivism and post-release effects of the Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Prog
  • Inclusion of Proposed Job Titles & Descriptions in SOC Revisions

    Skills, functions, and duties are provided for the following job descriptions: Offender Employment Specialist (OES); Offender Job Retention Employm
  • Simulated Online/Kiosk Job Application

    Each year, more and more employers are requiring job applicants to apply online or at a computer kiosk.
  • Women and Work: Gender Responsivity and Workforce Development [Satellite/Internet Broadcast held September 24-25, 2008]

    This training program presents strategies for making women offender workplace development programs more responsive to their clients.
  • Employment and Female Offenders: An Update of the Empirical Research

    “The purpose of this bulletin is to explore the literature and summarize the empirical evidence related to the impact of employment on the criminal
  • Administrative Guide: Offender Workforce Development Specialist Partnership Training Program

    A description of the Offender Workforce Development Specialist (OWDS) Partnership Training Program is provided.
  • Work and Opportunity Before and After Incarceration (2018)

    Looney, Adam, and Nicholas Turner

    Brookings Institution (Washington, DC)