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Information management

  • National Institute of Corrections Prison Classification Peer Training and Strategy Session: What's Happening with Prison Classification Systems? September 6-7, 2000 Proceedings

    Proceedings from this two-day national forum on classification and information system related problems are provided.
  • Internal Prison Classification Systems: Case Studies in Their Development and Implementation

    The development, implementation, impact assessment, and refinement of objective internal classification systems are examined.
  • Revalidating External Prison Classification Systems: The Experience of Ten States and Model for Classification Reform

    Work undertaken by the participating states is described, an outline of the fundamental tasks required for a revalidation effort is provided, and e
  • Enhancing Prison Classification Systems: The Emerging Role of Management Information Systems

    The effects of information technology (IT) and computation developments on prison classification productivity are examined (p. vi).
  • The Greening of Probation

    The utilization of a web-based Reusable Case Management System (RCMS) by the New York City Department of Probation to send judges offender reports
  • Motivational Interviewing Training In Criminal Justice: Development of a Model Plan

    The utilization of motivational interviewing (MI) by probation officers is explained.
  • Implementation of a Contingency Management-Based Intervention in a Community Supervision Setting: Clinical Issues and Recommendations

    The contingency management component of a cognitively-behaviorally based substance abuse treatment program in a probation setting is examined.
  • Performance Measurement for Justice Information System Projects

    The crafting of performance measures and those for criminal justice information sharing are discussed.
  • Opportunities for Information Sharing to Enhance Health and Public Safety Outcomes: A Report by the Criminal Justice and Health Collaboration Project, Version 1

    “This report was designed as a resource for the justice and health fields to: Identify the full range of beneficial information exchanges between t
  • Running an Intelligent Jail: A Guide to the Development and Use of a Jail Information System

    This is a must read for anyone involved in working with a jail information system (JIS).
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