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Inmate mothers

Enhancing Care for Childbearing Women and their Babies in Prison

This report explains how mothers and their babies can benefit from being held in a prison-based Mother and Baby Unit (MBU).

Through the Eyes of a Child: Life with a Mother in Prison

This report attempts to discover how the children involved in the VOA initiative LUH feel while their mother has been incarcerated.

Best Practices in the Use of Restraints with Pregnant Women Under Correctional Custody

These standards articulate a set of principles to guide agencies and jurisdictions in the development of local policy and practice.

Pregnancy- and Child- Related Legal and Policy Issues Concerning Justice-Involved Women

This publication addresses pregnancy- and child-related legal questions concerning justice-involved women raised in correctional settings.

Health, Justice, Women: Behavioral Health and OB/GYN [Internet Broadcast]

This website provides access to information about topics relevant to justice involved women (women offenders, female offenders, gender-responsive).

Children, Parents, and Incarceration: Descriptive Overview of Data from Alameda and San Francisco County Jails

This survey identifies who is a parent, how incarceration affects children, and what types of resources are needed for children to maintain contact.

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