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Inspection of jails

Demographics, turnover, and leadership development for four levels of correctional management (e.g., executive leaders, senior leaders, managers, and supervisors) are analyzed. Sections comprising this report are: project background; key findings; the survey sample; overview -- analysis of data for all responses; analysis of data on executive level positions; analysis of data on senior leader positions; analysis of data on management level positions; analysis of data on supervisory positions; analysis of data on jails; analysis of data on prisons; analysis of data on community corrections; and correctional leadership demographics.

Results of Data Analysis

Results from a "post-training survey to assess the usability of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the course [Offender Workforce Development Specialist (OWDS)] content by the participant once they return to the job" are presented (p. 1). An executive summary is divided into four parts -- background, methods, summary of results, and next steps. Twenty-six survey questions and results are organized by the following sections: team collaboration and internal effects; building external support and relationships; and additional information. Participants "make significant changes in their organization and themselves . . . [while] OWDS training is assisting in professionalizing the field of offender workforce development" (p. 2).

Results of the Workforce Cover

The "necessary information, instruction, and tools to conduct self-audits that will indicate how well the concepts and principles of direct supervision are being implemented" are provided (p. 1.1). Sections comprising this manual are: introduction; the annotated principles of direct supervision; table -- measurable elements of direct supervision; instruction sheets; administrator/management/supervisory questionnaire; officer questionnaire; inmate questionnaire; document review questionnaire and facility checklist; tallying; and compiling results.

Self-Audit Instrument for Administrators of Direct Supervision Jails: Based on the Measurable Elements of Direct Supervision Cover


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