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Jail audits

Three facilities varying in size and region were audited to measure the state of the art in podular direct-supervision jails, to test how well direct supervision is performing, and to point out its strengths and challenges. Staff and inmates in facilities in Minnesota, Florida, and Massachusetts were surveyed on issues such as safety and security, effective supervision of inmates, classification, staffing and training, and design and environment.

Findings are presented in detail by facility. Floor plans are included for all units.

Audits of Podular Direct-Supervision Jails cover

Jail standards and inspection agencies can be pivotal in improving jail facilities, management, and operations. The National Institute of Corrections provides technical assistance to these agencies in the development and revision of jail standards and related inspection systems. NIC also works in partnership with standards agencies to provide training and technical assistance to the jails they serve. Finally, NIC provides technical assistance to jail-related organizations that want to develop a jail standards and inspection system and need assistance in understanding how to do so.

Jail standards agencies that would like to apply for technical assistance or partner with NIC in providing training to the jails they serve should write a letter to the NIC Jails Division expressing their interest. The letter must be signed by the agency’s chief executive officer.

A special thanks goes to Jefferson County Sheriff's Office for the photograph.

The "necessary information, instruction, and tools to conduct self-audits that will indicate how well the concepts and principles of direct supervision are being implemented" are provided (p. 1.1). Sections comprising this manual are: introduction; the annotated principles of direct supervision; table -- measurable elements of direct supervision; instruction sheets; administrator/management/supervisory questionnaire; officer questionnaire; inmate questionnaire; document review questionnaire and facility checklist; tallying; and compiling results.

Self-Audit Instrument for Administrators of Direct Supervision Jails: Based on the Measurable Elements of Direct Supervision Cover
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