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Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, January 2000

These proceedings highlight what happened at the Large Jail Network Meeting January 2000.

Jail Design Guide: A Resource for Small and Medium-Sized Jails

Addresses architectural design as it relates to functional components of the jail.

Gangs, Community and Corrections [Videoconference held June 10, 1998]

This is a 2-hour forum on gang-related criminal activity in the community and within the correctional environment.

Issues in Jail Operations, 2003: Perspectives from State Jail Inspection Agencies

Areas in which jails tend to be deficient, suggesting the need for new or revised forms of NIC assistance are identified.

Objective Jail Classification Systems: A Guide for Jail Administrators

This guide to OJC outlines specific aspects of system implementation, automation, monitoring, and evaluation of OJC systems.

Self-Audit Instrument for Administrators of Direct Supervision Jails: Based on the Measurable Elements of Direct Supervision

This document explains how to conduct self-audits indicating how well the concepts and principles of direct supervision are being implemented.

Making the Media Work for You in the 21st Century [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

This 3-hour program helps agencies build a proactive communication strategy for working in partnership with the media and the public.

Prison Rape Elimination Act: Implications for Sheriffs: The Facts

This brochure explains the impact of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) on jails.

Building Community Support for New Jail Construction

This bulletin explains the process of building community support for a new jail.

Jail Site Evaluation and Selection

Guidance is provided for successfully identifying, evaluating, and selecting jail sites.


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