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Inmate Behavior Management: Guide to Meeting Basic Needs

This document provides a useful tool for managing inmates in jail and self-assessment checklists to determine how well the jail is doing.

The Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness in Prisons and Jails: A State Survey

This report focuses on the problem of treating seriously mentally ill inmates who refuse treatment.

Jails And Health Information Technology: A Framework For Creating Connectivity

This paper shares insights from the experiences of five jurisdictions working to implement different forms of HIT connectivity.

Inmate Behavior Management: Defining and Conveying Expectations

This document explains “Element 4: Defining and Conveying Expectations for Behavior” of NIC's IBM comprehensive management system.

Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting Aurora, Colorado, September 15 – 17, 2013

Sections of these proceedings are: about this meeting; meeting highlights; “The Affordable Care Act: Health Care Reform and Jails” by Donna Strugar-Fritsch.

Legal Issues in Jails 2013

Legal issues that impact jails are covered.

Inmate Behavior Management: Brazos County Jail Case Study

This report explains how the Brazos County Jail in Texas implemented Inmate Behavior Management. 

Inmate Behavior Management: Northampton County Jail Case Study

This report explains how the Northampton County Jail in Pennsylvania implemented Inmate Behavior Management. 

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intent of Jail Staff Throughout the United States

This article why the majority of line-level jail officers like their jobs and are not going to quit.

Jail Population Management Strategies in a Post-Realignment Era

This fact sheet lists four available deliberate interventions that counties can employ to alleviate jail bed space and improve public safety outcomes.


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