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Guidelines for Developing a Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

This guide describes the implementation of a CJCC, and explains how a CJCC can alleviate jail crowding and accomplish other system improvements.

Environmental Scan 2012

This report gives a broad overview of selected current and anticipated trends. It can used by corrections professional to inform their work.

An Update on Jail Strip Searches of General Population Detainees

This article examines the facts and reasoning of Florence v. Board of Chosen Freeholders, including both the majority and dissenting approaches.

Process and Systems Change Evaluation Findings from the Transition to Jail Community Initiative

This report describes the TJC initiative, discusses the implementation experiences, and presents findings from the systems change evaluation.

Implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act: Toolkit for Jails

The goal of this Toolkit is to provide jails of all sizes, political divisions, and geographic locations with a step-by-step guide for preventing, detecting, and eliminating sexual abuse of inmates in their custody – and for responding effectively to abuse when it occurs.

The Role of Screening and Assessment in Jail Reentry

This brief presents the two-stage screening and assessment process to determine risk and needs levels that are a core element of the TJC model.

Case Management Strategies for Successful Jail Reentry

This brief explains why “it is imperative that jurisdictions use an effective case management process that includes a strong community handoff component, particularly at the moment of release, and that ensures continuity of care between in-jail and community-based programs and services.

Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting Aurora, Colorado September 24-25, 2012

These proceedings highlight what happened at the Large Jail Network Meeting September 2012. Topics include outsourcing services.

Chief Jail Inspector's Network: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting

These proceedings cover suicide prevention and marketing the jail inspection process and evaluation/close-out.

State Criminal Laws Prohibiting Sexual Abuse of Individuals Under Correctional Supervision: Consent as a Defense

This map shows those states that do or do not have laws addressing the issue of consent in a relationship between staff and inmates.


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