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Juvenile detention centers

Juveniles in Residential Placement, 2015 (2018)

Hockenberry, Sarah

Juvenile Justice Statistics National Report Series Bulletin, January 2018

U.S. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) (Washington, DC)

Safety at a Girls Secure Juvenile Justice Facility (2015)

Elwyn, Laura J., Nina Esaki, and Carolyn A. Smith

Therapeutic Communities 36, n. 4 (2015): 209-218

Youth Residing in Juvenile Detention, Correctional and/or Residential Facilities (2017)

Annie E. Casey Foundation KIDS COUNT Data Center (Baltimore, MD)

Review Panel on Prison Rape Report on Sexual Victimization in Prisons, Jails, and Juvenile Correctional Facilities, April 2016

This report presents the findings and recommendations of the Review Panel on Prison Rape, resulting from its 2014 hearings in Washington, DC.

Declines in Youth Communities and Facilities in the 21st Century

This report examines the major reduction in the number of teenagers committed to juvenile facilities in this century and public safety impacts.

Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2016

Infographics show the distribution of individuals in state prisons, local jails, juvenile facilities, territorial prisons, immigration detention, and more.

Survey of Sexual Violence in Juvenile Correctional Facilities, 2007–2012 - Statistical Tables

This report presents jurisdiction- and facility-level counts of incidents of sexual misconduct and abuse in juvenile facilities (2007-2012).


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