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Juvenile status offender / incarcerated individuals

  • Girls, Status Offenses and the Need for a Less Punitive and More Empowering Approach

    “’Why are girls so much more likely than boys to be petitioned and incarcerated for a status offense?’ This brief explores the complex answer to th
  • Disproportionate Minority Contact and Status Offenses

    This report looks at the significant overrepresentation of minority youth among juvenile status offenders.
  • Nearly a Quarter of Confined Juveniles Nationwide Held for Noncriminal Infractions (2018)

    Horowitz, Jake, and Arna Carlock

    Pew Charitable Trusts Public Safety Performance Project (Philadelphia, PA)

  • Just Kids: When Misbehaving Is a Crime (2018)

    This special report offers a primer on status offenses—misbehaviors that are only illegal because of a person’s age and that unfairly land many kid