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Juvenile justice

Racial-Ethnic Fairness (2018)

Step into juvenile delinquency courts throughout the country, and you will usually find the number of children of color who appear there are far out of proportion to their numbers in the surrounding community.

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders (2018)

Many juvenile justice systems across the country are overwhelmed by the number of young people suffering from behavioral health problems—meaning mental health disorders, substance use problems, or both.

Perceptions of Recidivism Among Incarcerated Youth: The Relationship Between Exposure to Childhood Trauma, Mental Health Status, and the Protective Effect of Mental Health Services in Juvenile Justice Settings (2017)

This study examines the effects of mental health screening and service delivery on perceived future criminal justice interactions— arrest and incarceration—among adjudicated youth … housed in correctional facilities … Significant relationships between traumatic events and mental health problems w

The Role of Mental Health and Specific Responsivity in Juvenile Justice Rehabilitation (2017)

While mental health problems are generally not risk factors for criminal behavior according to the risk-needs-responsivity (RNR) framework of correctional psychology practice, prevalence rates are very high and RNR principles suggest that mental health as a responsivity variable may moderate the

Issue Brief: Mental Health and Juvenile Justice: A Review of Prevalence, Promising Practices, and Areas for Improvement (2017)

This brief reviews the prevalence of mental health issues among youth in the juvenile justice system, including: 1) the types of disorders among youth across juvenile justice settings, 2) the rates of adversity and trauma among these youth, and 3) the impact of these disorders on the system.

Implications of Sentencing Reform on Mental Health Symptoms in the Declining Juvenile Justice Populations (2017)

This study examines the mental health needs of a detained juvenile justice population within the context of legislative reform to better identify targets of treatment to meet these changing needs.

A National Survey of Mental Health Screening and Assessment Practices in Juvenile Correctional Facilities (2017)

Mental health screening and assessment is crucial within juvenile correctional facilities (JC).

Racial Disparities in Juvenile Justice Referrals to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (2016)

This article examines the confluence of mental health needs and racial disparities within the juvenile justice system.

Youth in the Juvenile Justice System And Their Mental Health Needs (2016)

Youth in Juvenile Hall are often at a critical crisis point. By the time a youth reaches Juvenile Hall, they have often been metaphorically “screaming for help” for a very long time.

“As real as it gets”: A Grounded Theory Study of a Reading Intervention in a Juvenile Correctional School (2017)

The well-documented statistics regarding the academic struggles of incarcerated youth are disconcerting, and efforts to improve reading performance among this population are greatly needed.


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