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Juvenile status offenders

Just Kids: When Misbehaving Is a Crime (2018)

This special report offers a primer on status offenses—misbehaviors that are only illegal because of a person’s age and that unfairly land many kids in the justice system.

Nearly a Quarter of Confined Juveniles Nationwide Held for Noncriminal Infractions (2018)

Horowitz, Jake, and Arna Carlock

Pew Charitable Trusts Public Safety Performance Project (Philadelphia, PA)

Kids Doing Time for What's Not a Crime: The Over-Incarceration of Status Offenders

This document provides an up-to-date understanding of the nation’s progress in reducing confinement of juvenile status offenders.

Girls, Status Offenses and the Need for a Less Punitive and More Empowering Approach

This brief addresses the complex needs of girls who engage in status offense behaviors.

Disproportionate Minority Contact and Status Offenses

This report looks at the significant overrepresentation of minority youth among juvenile status offenders.

From Courts to Communities: The Right Response to Truancy, Running Away, and Other Status Offenses

<p>This reports explains the need for youth with status offenses to receive appropriate attention—but not from the juvenile justice system.</p>

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