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Law enforcement

IACP Center for Social Media

This website provides information on how to use social media and integrate Web 2.0 tools into agency operation.

The Shift Length Experiment: What We Know about 8-, 10-, and 12-hour Shifts in Policing

This report examines the impacts of three shift lengths (8-, 10-, and 12-hour) noting advantages of 10-hour shifts and disadvantages of 12-hour shifts.

The Impact of Shift Length in Policing on Performance, Health, Quality of Life, Sleep, Fatigue, and Extra-Duty Employment

This report provides both the results of the first comprehensive experiment of the effects of shift length in policing, as well as descriptive data on current shift practices and trends.

Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses: Tailoring Law Enforcement Initiatives to Individual Jurisdictions

The step-by-step program design process incorporates seven actions also useful for sheriff’s departments.

Planning and Assessing: A Law Enforcement Reentry Strategy

Components laying the foundation of a reentry initiative, developing the initiative, implementing the plan, and making it stick are explained.

Law Enforcement Tech Guide for Creating Performance Measures That Work: A Guide for Executives and Managers

This Tech Guide introduces performance measurement and teaches the core dynamics of performance management, monitoring, and reporting.

Sheriff's Guide to Effective Jail Operations

This guide provides an overview of the sheriff's roles and responsibilities regarding the jail and critical aspects of jail operations and management.

Third Status Report to the Attorney General on Body Armor Safety Initiative Testing and Activities

Findings from a ballistic and mechanical properties test of 103 used Zylon-containing body armor are presented.

Law Enforcement Tech Guide: How to Plan, Purchase and Manage Technology (Successfully!): A Guide for Executives, Managers and Technologists

This guide provides strategies, best practices, recommendations and ideas for successful IT planning and implementation.


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