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Court cases

  • Psychopaths: Their Nature and Impact on Corrections [Videoconference held August 5, 1998]

    This three-hour interactive videoconference addresses both adult and juvenile psychopaths who are incarcerated or under community supervision.
  • Jails and the Constitution: An Overview

    This publication "reviews the history of correctional law and summarizes the results and effects of major court decisions" (p. 4).
  • Cross-gender Searches: A Case Law Survey

    “Inmates and detainees retain a limited privacy right when detained in correctional settings, particularly in the context of cross-gender searches.
  • Sexual Abuse in Custody: A Case Law Survey

    “Under certain circumstances correctional officers and their supervisors can be subject to civil liability for sexual abuse of inmates and detainee
  • Anti-Fraternization Policies and their Utility in Preventing Staff Sexual Abuse in Custody

    “Many custodial facilities have implemented anti-fraternization policies that regulate contact between staff and inmates.
  • Legal Responses to Sexual Violence in Custody: Using Existing State Mandatory Reporting Statutes to Improve Disclosure of Sexual Violence in Correctional Settings

    “This publication provides an introduction to mandatory reporting laws, and how these laws can help corrections officials respond to sexual abuse i
  • Civil Liability for Use of Distraction Devices Part 1 [and] Part 2

    Distraction devices (such as flashbangs) are especially useful when "correctional personnel are dealing with unruly prisoners or detainees who must
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