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The Affordable Care Act and County Jails: A Practical Guide to Strategies and Steps for Implementation

This guide is meant to help Sheriffs and County Jail Administrators consider practical strategies and suggests steps that support cost savings and other benefits with the Affordable Care Act.

State Pretrial Release Legislation Database

This website provides pretrial legislation enacted by states starting in 2012.

Analysis Summary: Short-Term Jail Confinement (Quick Dips) Efficacy

This analysis covers supervision compliance outcomes of quick dips in response to probation non-compliance.

Justice Reinvestment in North Carolina: Three Years Later

Three years after North Carolina enacted justice reinvestment legislation, this report reviews the policies the state enacted and their impact on North Carolina’s correctional and criminal justice system.

Justice Reinvestment in Hawaii: Analyses & Policy Options to Reduce Spending on Corrections & Reinvest in Strategies to Increase Public Safety

This report summarizes the CSG Justice Center’s findings and describes the data-driven policy framework that was provided to state policymakers to address key issues in Hawaii.

A Brief Overview of Pretrial Release Laws

This report discusses how the fourth wave of reform will influence the juvenile justice system. 

National Inventory of the Collateral Consequences of Conviction

The website allows individuals to determine which collateral consequences are triggered by particular categories of offenses.

Criminal Records, Race and Redemption

This article proposes a redemption-focused approach to criminal records.

Recalibrating Justice: A Review of 2013 State Sentencing and Corrections Trends

By providing concise summaries of representative legislation in each area, this report aims to be a practical guide for policymakers in other states and the federal government looking to enact similar changes in criminal justice policy.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Pretrial System: A "Front Door" to Health and Safety

This publication provides a general idea of what the ACA entails and explains how it can be used with pretrial detainees.


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