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Gender responsive

  • Gender-Responsive Strategies: Research, Practice, and Guiding Principles for Women Offenders

    Guidance for those individuals "seeking to more effectively respond to the behavior and circumstances of the female offender" is offered (p. iv).
  • Effective Management of Female Inmates: Applying the Research on Gender Responsive Correctional Strategies to Local Jails

    Research, practice, and guiding principles related to gender-responsive strategies and utilized in jail settings are exchanged.
  • The Gender-Responsive Strategies Project: Jail Applications

    Current research about women offenders and strategies for evaluating current operating procedures related to women offenders are covered.
  • Supervision of Women Defendants and Offenders in the Community

    The use of gender-responsive strategies with women involved in the community corrections system is explained.
  • Using Jail Exit Surveys to Improve Community Responses to Women Offenders

    The "use of jail exit surveys as an effective data collection tool for creating [a] picture of the characteristics of women in contact with the loc
  • Systemic Criminal Justice Planning: Improving Responses to Women Offenders in Hamilton County, Ohio

    The use of systemic criminal justice planning by Hamilton County (OH) to improve services and programming for women offenders is reviewed.
  • Women Offender Case Management Model

    The gender-responsive Women Offender Case Management Model (WOCMM) is described.
  • Classification of Women Offenders: Gender-Responsive Approach to Risk/Needs Assessment

    An overview of the work done by collaborative partnerships to design and validate gender-responsive risk and needs assessments for female offenders
  • Gender Responsive Interventions in the Era of Evidence-Based Practice: A Consumer's Guide to Understanding Research (2016)

    This monograph underscores the need for policymakers and practitioners to understand the fundamentals of research in order to guide their work with

  • Bringing Gender-Responsive Principles into Practice Evidence from the Evaluation of the PACE Center for Girls (2017)

    This brief describes the principles of gender-responsive programs, summarizes the literature, and presents highlights of MDRC’s implementation stud

  • Adopting a Gender-Responsive Approach for Women in the Justice System: A Resource Guide

    This guide to gender-responsive approaches was developed by The Council of State Governments Justice Center in partnership with the National Resour

  • Examining Race and Gender Disparities in Restrictive Housing Placements (2018)

    This study assessed racial and ethnic disparities in men's and women's placements into any segregation; placements into particular types of segrega