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Practice Guide: Creating a Juvenile Justice LGBTQ Task Force

The purpose of this practice guide is to provide instruction on how to create a LGBTQ task force and how to handle possible challenges.         

Surviving the Streets of New York: Experiences of LGBTQ Youth, YMSM, and YWSW Engaged in Survival Sex

The report documents experiences and characteristics of LGBTQ Youth, YMSM, and YWSW youth who engage in survival sex.

Know Your Rights: Laws, Court Decisions, and Advocacy Tips to Protect Transgender Prisoners

This guide covers laws, court decisions, advocacy tips, and other resources that may be helpful for adult transgender prisoners.            

Restoring Justice: A Blueprint for Ensuring Fairness, Safety, and Supportive Treatment of LGBT Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

This brief explains what works for LGBT youth by outlining the critical components of model juvenile justice policies and sample language.

Respectful Classification Practices with LGBTI Inmates [Lesson Plans]

This 60-minute training session explains how to improve the correctional intake and classification process for LGBTI inmates.

Guidance for Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Regarding the Use of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, or Gender Identity

Requirements are presented that apply to the use of minority status by Federal law enforcement officers.

Why Did the U.S. Lock Up these Women with Men? A Fusion Investigation

This report examines the lives for transgender women locked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Qualitative Analysis of Transgender Inmates' Correspondence: Implications for Departments of Correction

This report explains how reviewing letters from transgendered inmates may alert DOCs to concerns worth addressing proactively prior to litigation.

LGBTQ Youth of Color: Discipline Disparities, School Push-Out, and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

This is an excellent report about the involvement of LGBTQ youth of color in the juvenile justice system.

Gender Nonconforming Youth: Discipline Disparities, School Push-Out, and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

This report provides an excellent explanation of why some gender nonconforming youth end up involved with the juvenile justice system.


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