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Ensuring Access to Mentoring Programs for LGBTQ Youth

This white paper shows that LGBTQ youth would benefit from access to youth mentoring programs and makes recommendations ensuring entry.

Responding to Sexual Abuse of Youth in Custody: Responding to the Needs of Boys, Girls and Gender Non-Conforming Youth

This is a 24-hour training covering PREA implications for responding to the different needs of youth who are sexually abused in custody.

Ensuring the Safety of LGBT Youths in the Juvenile Justice System

This article provides some broad guidance for agency leadership to treat LGBT youths in a fair and respectful way and to promote positive interactions between youths and between youths and staff.

A Roadmap for Change: Federal Policy Recommendations for Addressing the Criminalization of LGBT People and People Living with HIV

This document outlines a range of policy solutions that would go a long way towards addressing discriminatory and abusive policing practices, improving conditions for LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] prisoners and immigrants in detention, de-criminalizing HIV, and preventing LGBT youth from coming in contact with the system in the first place.

Infographic: Why Are So Many LGBT People and People Living with HIV Behind Bars?

This is an illustration of why there are a significant number of HIV positive lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals housed in correctional facilities.

LGBTI Populations: Intake – Creating a Culture of Safety [Internet Broadcast]

This broadcast will demonstrate effective and professional communication with LGBTI offenders during the intake process.

Keeping LGBTQ Youth Safe in Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Placements

This publication provides a brief, but very good, explanation of how people working with LGBTQ youth should treat this population.

LGBTQ Youth and Status Offenses: Improving System Responses and Reducing Disproportionality [Webinar]

This webinar will explain how your agency can more appropriately serve youth who commit status offenses and are LGBTQ.

Beyond Bullying: How Hostile School Climate Perpetuates the School-to-Prison Pipeline for LGBT Youth

This is report explains how school climate impacts LGBT students, and is a crucial factor in pushing these students into the juvenile justice system.

How the Prison Rape Elimination Act Helps LGBT Immigrants in Detention

This document explains the use of PREA in detention facilities to establish a “zero tolerance standard” for rape and to protect LGBT immigrants.


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