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  • LJN Exchange, Annual Issue 2004; Large Jail Network Exchange, Annual Issue 2004

    This issue includes: Foreword, by Richard Geaither, National Institute of Corrections Jails Division; You Can Do It: Putting an End to Pharmacy Cos
  • Assessment, Your Library, and Your Collections [Webinar]

    Expanding on Ranganathan’s five laws, we know that libraries are for use and that every library has its community (users).
  • Offender Use of the Library [Webinar]

    Webinar held July 18, 2018.
  • Measuring the Effect of Library Usage [Webinar]

    Learn about how one university library measured the effects of first-time-college students’ library use on their success outcomes.
  • Assessing Learning in Your Library [Webinar]

    This Session took place on November 13, 2018, 2 pm EST.
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