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Long term inmates

If you are interested in the sentencing of juveniles to life imprisonment you should listen to this excellent radio program. "Fighting for life without parole for young offenders. Tough states do not want to back down – or re-open old cases … For years, courts tried such minors as adults. Many were given tough life sentences. Then the U.S. Supreme Court said no. Said children – even underage killers – deserve a chance at redemption. No mandatory life sentences without parole. Now states are wrestling with that ruling. Some complying. Some pushing back. This hour On Point: juvenile offenders, life sentences, and the law."

Jail Time and Violent Juvenile Offenders Cover

This guide for correctional administrators explains the management of long-term inmates.

Managing Long-Term Inmates: A Guide for the Correctional Administrator cover

Ackerman, Mark, and Dillon Thomas

Canon City, Colo. (CBS4)

"They thought they’d die in prison, but now a group of inmates serving life sentences are getting a unique look at how life on the outside has changed since they have been incarcerated."

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