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Leadership Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography provides current and useful information about leadership to corrections professionals. 

Pay for Success

This article discusses how pay for success (PFS) is meant to shift risk and generate new capital for social programs.

APEX Change Team Training: Facilitators Manual [and] Participant Manual [Lesson Plans and Participant Manual]

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) and People in Charge LLC are pleased to present the Achieving Performance Excellence (APEX) Change Team Training Curriculum – part of the APEX Initiative.

Mastering Your Role As a Front-Line Effective Supervisor: 10 Keys To Build Towards Success

This article presents the 10 essential things that you need to be a truly successful front-line supervisor.

Connecting the Dots Among People, Budgets and Missions

This report examines the issues impacting the management of federal workforce by understanding the distinctions among generation cohorts.

Realigning Justice Resources: A Review of Population and Spending Shifts in Prison and Community Corrections

This report examines whether expected shifts in population and spending in corrections have been realized.

Balancing Fiscal Challenges, Performance-Based Budgeting and Public Safety: A Compilation of Panel Testimonies

This collection contains testimony regarding cost benefit and cost containment measures.

APEX: Building the Model and Beginning the Journey

The APEX Initiative is an agency-driven systems approach to building capacity for higher organizational performance, best practices, data-driven decisionmaking using multiple self-assessment tools, and a Guidebook series with strategies, interventions, and pathways.

Identifying Core Competencies and Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) for Jail Leaders: Methods and Outcomes

The process by which it was determined what knowledge, skills, and abilities jail leaders should have in order to be successful at their jobs is explained.

The Six Moving Parts of Correctional Training Effectiveness

This report covers the concept of "The Six Moving Parts of Correctional Employee Training," a model for integrating strategy into training.


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