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Facilitation Skills for Managers: Training Curriculum Package

This 16-hour course is designed for managers who run meetings and/or lead task groups.

Competency Profile of Detention Facility Inspector

This DACUM profile describes the competencies expected of a Detention Facility Inspector.

Budget Guide for Jail Administrators - Part 1: Developing the Budget

This guide discusses the elements of an effective process for budgeting both capital and operational jail expenses. 

Budget Guide for Jail Administrators - Part 3: Beyond Budget Allocation - Sources of Funding and Services

This guide describes strategies for identifying, securing, and coordinating jai resources from multiple sources, both internally and externally.

Budget Guide for Jail Administrators - Part 2: Managing the Budget

This guide provides an overview of jail budget management, along with relevant responsibilities and strategies.

Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, July 2002

These proceedings highlight what happened at the Large Jail Network Meeting July 2002.

Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, February 2003

Contents of these proceedings include: meeting highlights; "The Future of Jail Legislation, Resources, and Funding by Michael Thompson; "Legislation, Resources, and Funding: A Perspective From Our Professional Associations" by Stephen Ingley, Jim Gondles, and Tom Faust, and more.

Issues in Jail Operations, 2003: Perspectives from State Jail Inspection Agencies

Areas in which jails tend to be deficient, suggesting the need for new or revised forms of NIC assistance are identified.

LJN Exchange, Annual Issue 2004; Large Jail Network Exchange, Annual Issue 2004

This issue includes: Foreword, by Richard Geaither, National Institute of Corrections Jails Division; You Can Do It: Putting an End to Pharmacy Cost Increases, by Mike Kalonick, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, and more.

Results of Data Analysis: NIC Needs Assessment on Correctional Management and Executive Leadership Development

This report analyzes demographics, turnover, and leadership development for four levels of correctional management.


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