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Media relations

This two-hour DVD training course presents techniques for interacting effectively with the public and press. Modules comprising this course are: why we are doing this; working with the media; strategies and techniques for communicating effectively; and crisis media.

PMR: Public and Media Relations: Gaining Confidence and Competence Cover

This training session covers strategies and techniques for effectively interacting with the press. Participants will be able to:

  • Control an interview;
  • Conduct a successful news conference;
  • Write a news release that gets attention;
  • Present one's case to the public;
  • Execute crisis communication plans during an emergency;
  • Identify and use interviewing skills;
  • Utilize strategies for communicating effectively;
  • And identify strategies for working with current and emerging media.
  • Other topics include: ambush interview; telephone interview; one-on-one interview; social media, citizen journalism and you; talk show; and town hall.
Public & Media Relations: Take Control of Your Message Cover


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