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  • Medicaid and Financing Health Care for Individuals Involved with the Criminal Justice System

    “This brief outlines opportunities for states and local jurisdictions to improve public health and safety outcomes, and reduce spending on correcti
  • Bernalillo County Mental Health Clinic Case Study

    “Determining how to provide effective mental health treatment for youth involved in the juvenile justice system - and ensuring that it continues af
  • Health Reform and Public Safety: New Opportunities, Better Outcomes [Internet Broadcast]

    Research shows that there are a disproportionate number of justice involved individuals suffering from chronic illness and/ or mental health and su
  • Meaningful Use and Corrections: Unknown Opportunities

    "Meaningful use is the linchpin of the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs, established under the Health Information Technology for Econom
  • Health Coverage and Care for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: The Role of Medicaid and CHIP

    "This brief provides an overview of the health and mental health needs of girls and boys in the juvenile justice system and the role of Medicaid in
  • Medicaid: Information on Inmate Eligibility and Federal Costs for Allowable Services

    "Financing health care for inmates can be a significant portion of state correctional spending for some states with health care costs ranging from
  • Health Coverage and County Jails: Suspension vs. Termination

    "Medicaid allows for-and the federal government encourages-continued eligibility for coverage for a person who is incarcerated.
  • Prison Inmates' Prerelease Application for Medicaid: Take-up Rates in Oregon

    "People leaving prison often return to the community lacking health insurance and thus access to appropriate health care.
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