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Mental health

Losing Time: Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Behind Bars [Webinar]

This webinar provides a foundation for developing a self-contained model to meet the needs of cognitively impaired inmates while others gain skills.

Confabulation in Correctional Settings: An Exploratory Review

This article addresses confabulation: whereby the individual unintentionally distorts or fabricates imaginary events without intent to deceive or lie.

Bernalillo County Mental Health Clinic Case Study

This report examines how one jurisdiction, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, has taken extraordinary steps to address this challenge by ensuring Medicaid eligibility for detained youth and establishing a licensed, free-standing community mental health clinic adjacent to it detention facility.

Juvenile Justice System

This NCTSN website provides resources to help juvenile justice professionals understand and provide trauma-focused services to these youth.

Opportunities for Information Sharing to Enhance Health and Public Safety Outcomes: A Report by the Criminal Justice and Health Collaboration Project, Version 1

This report identifies 34 potential information exchanges and provides a blueprint for implementing effective justice-health information exchanges.

Webinar Archive: Women Engaged in the Criminal Justice System

This website provides access to the presentation slides.

The Effects of Solitary Confinement: Commentary on One Year Longitudinal Study of the Psychological Effects of Administrative Segregation

Research report done by the Colorado Department of Corrections and the University of Colorado's Department of Psychology concerning the effects of solitary confinement.

Improving the Response to Offenders with Mental Illness Through Mental Health and Criminal Justice Collaboration

Proceedings are provided from two days of hearings regarding mentally ill offenders.

Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting, July 11-13, 2004

These proceedings highlight what happened at the Large Jail Network Meeting July 2004.


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