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Mentally ill

Crisis Intervention Teams: A Frontline Response to Mental Illness in Corrections [Lesson Plans and Participant's Manual]

These resources will allow groups to work together to develop and implement a crisis intervention team (CIT) are presented.

Crisis Intervention Teams: An Effective Response to Mental Illness in Corrections [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

This video covers the use Crisis Intervention Teams (CITs) to manage individuals suffering mental illness in custody and under supervision.

Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses: Tailoring Law Enforcement Initiatives to Individual Jurisdictions

The step-by-step program design process incorporates seven actions also useful for sheriff’s departments.

Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses: The Essential Elements of Specialized Probation Initiatives

This report articulates 10 essential elements for all probation interventions that involve people with mental illnesses.

The Mentally Ill in Jail: Whose Problem Is It Anyway? [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

This 3-hour program can help your organization prepare to work with persons suffering from mental illness in jails.

Improving Outcomes for People with Mental Illnesses Under Community Corrections Supervision: A Guide to Research-Informed Policy and Practice

This guide is organized around policymakers’ common questions about people with mental illnesses under community corrections supervision and the type and effectiveness of strategies designed to respond to this population.

Increasing Collaboration Between Corrections and Mental Health Organizations: Orange County Case Study

The use of the Mental Health Pretrial Release Program (MHPTR) by the Orange County Jail is discussed.

Options for Managing Difficult Inmates [Videoconference held on June 13, 2001]

This 3-hour program covers difficult inmates that require more complex management interventions.

Jail Inmates with Mental Illness: A Community Problem [Videoconference Held April 17, 2002]

This 3-hour videoconference addresses issues faced by jails that must deal with increasing numbers of inmates with serious mental illnesses.

NIC Broadcast: Mental Illness in Jails Q & A

Questions and answers regarding the topic of mental illness in jails are provided.


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