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Special Topics: Hispanic Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide the latest answers to commonly asked questions about Hispanic youth in the juvenile justice system. Answers are organized into the following areas: Hispanic youth population; arrests involving Hispanic youth; and delinquency cases involving Hispanic youth

Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced and Underprotected (2015)

For girls, as with boys, the failure to receive a high school diploma often places individuals on a pathway to low-wage work, unemployment, and incarceration.

Noncitizen Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: 2018 Update: A Guide to Juvenile Detention Reform

In today’s climate of increased immigration enforcement, U.S. juvenile justice officials must learn how local immigration policies — or a lack thereof — can seriously and negatively impact the lives of noncitizen youth.

A Review of the Validity of Juvenile Risk Assessment Across Race/Ethnicity (2018)

The review suggests that in general, risk assessments do a good job in predicting recidivism across racial/ethnic groups for diverse populations inside and outside the United States.

Racial-Ethnic Fairness (2018)

Step into juvenile delinquency courts throughout the country, and you will usually find the number of children of color who appear there are far out of proportion to their numbers in the surrounding community.

Racial Disparities in Juvenile Justice Referrals to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (2016)

This article examines the confluence of mental health needs and racial disparities within the juvenile justice system.

The Discontinuity of Offending Among African American Youth in the Juvenile Justice System (2017)

Little is known about what factors contribute to African American youth desisting from offending … Researchers investigated whether youth possessed protective factors and whether developmental change took place after contact with the juvenile justice system.

Involvement in the Juvenile Justice System for African American Adolescents: Examining Associations with Behavioral Health Problems (2017)

While researchers have found that African American youth experience higher levels of juvenile justice involvement at every system level (arrest, sentencing, and incarceration) relative to their other ethnic counterparts, few studies have explored how juvenile justice involvement and number of con

Youth Residing in Juvenile Detention, Correctional and/or Residential Facilities by Race and Hispanic Origin (2017)

Although the United States still leads the industrialized world in the rate at which it locks up young people, the youth confinement rate in the US is rapidly declining. This table shows rates of confined youth by ethnicity per state.

Untangling the Web: Juvenile Justice in Indian Country (2016)

This Article provides a thorough description and diagnosis of the reasons that the Indian country juvenile justice system continues to fail Native youth, one that has been missing from the legal and policy literature.


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