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Special Feature: Justice in Indian Country: Corrections

This webpage provides a wealth of links to resources related to Native Americans and corrections.

Using Family Mapping Tools to Enhance Outcomes for Tribal Members under Community Supervision

This fact sheet is designed to serve as an overview of two family tools that help people visualize the connections within families and the connections families have to their community: genograms and ecomaps.

Incorporating Racial Equality Into Criminal Justice Reform

This briefing paper provides an overview of racial disparities in the criminal justice system and a framework for remedying these disparities.

Addressing Responsivity Issues with Criminal Justice-Involved Native Americans

This article explains how the responsivity issues of Native American (NA) individuals can be effectively addressed.

Guidance for Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Regarding the Use of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, or Gender Identity

Requirements are presented that apply to the use of minority status by Federal law enforcement officers.

Why Did the U.S. Lock Up these Women with Men? A Fusion Investigation

This report examines the lives for transgender women locked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

A Toolkit for Applying the Cultural Enhancement Model To Evidence-Based Practice

This paper explains how to overcome barriers with EBP dissemination and program retention using the Cultural Enhancement Model.

LGBTQ Youth of Color: Discipline Disparities, School Push-Out, and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

This is an excellent report about the involvement of LGBTQ youth of color in the juvenile justice system.

Examining Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Probation Revocation: Summary Findings and Implications from a Multisite Study

This brief discusses the degree of disparity in probation revocation outcomes and the drivers of that disparity.

Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Juvenile Justice System

This brief explains how DMC in the juvenile justice system is measured and takes a close look at drug offenses, property crimes, and status offenses.


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