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Privately Operated Federal Prisons for Immigrants: Expensive. Unsafe. Unneccessary

This report chronicles the May 2012 Adams County Correctional Center uprising in Natchez, Mississippi, facility operated by CCA.

School Engagement and Juvenile Offending Among Maltreated Youth Who Vary by Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Type of Child Maltreatment

This study explored the interrelationships of child maltreatment on youths’ school engagement and criminal offending until youths’ 16 birthday.

The Changing Racial Dynamics of Women’s Incarceration

This report looks at whether the trend of decreasing prison populations is reflected in the numbers of minority women being incarcerated.

Children in Harm’s Way: Criminal Justice, Immigration Enforcement, and Child Welfare

The articles in this collection provide information about the impacts on children with justice-involved parents.

Criminal Alien Statistics: Information on Incarcerations, Arrests, and Costs

“This report addresses (1) the number and nationalities of incarcerated criminal aliens; (2) the types of offenses for which criminal aliens were arrested and convicted; and (3) the costs associated with incarcerating criminal aliens and the extent to which DOJ's methodology for reimbursing state

Desktop Guide for Tribal Probation Personnel: The Screening and Assessment Process

This guide is intended to provide tribal probation personnel with information on how the screening and assessment process can facilitate and promote offender accountability and long-term behavior change.

Large Jail Network Meeting, March 2-4, 2008, Aurora, Colorado

These proceedings highlight what happened at the Large Jail Network Meeting March 2008. 

Managing Conflict in the Workplace [Satellite/Internet Broadcast on April 7, 1999]

This videoconference focuses upon managing conflict in a correctional setting. 

Project Guide: Tribal Justice System Assessment

This guide is comprised of the following sections: introduction; what a justice assessment is; impact of the justice system assessment on detention and corrections bed space needs; approach to conducting a system assessment; steps in the assessment process; unique characteristics of Indian Country justice systems; summary; key parties in the tribal justice system; and structure of tribal justice systems.

Project Guide: Objective Classification Analysis

The use of an objective classification system (OCS) is described.


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