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Needs assessment

Nevada Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (NPR) Documents

This collection of documents explains how the Nevada Pretrial Risk Assessment (NPR) was developed.

Risk-Based Pretrial Release Recommendations and Supervision Guidelines: Exploring the Effect on Officer Recommendations, Judicial Decision-Making, and Pretrial Outcome

This research examined the effect of using the Praxis (a decision grid based on risk and charges) on recommendations for release and supervision.

The Growth of Veterans Treatment Courts [Podcast]

This report provides a background on veterans treatment courts and introduces the development of a screening tool specific to veterans.

Offender Risk & Needs Assessment Instruments: A Primer for Courts

This primer is written for judges, policy makers, and practitioners interested in using RNA [risk and needs assessment] information at sentencing.

Using Risk and Needs Assessment Information at Sentencing: Observations from Ten Jurisdictions

This report summarizes examples of how ten jurisdictions have implemented each of the nine guiding principles for RNA (risk needs assessments).

Risk and Needs Assessment in the Criminal Justice System

This report provides an overview of risk and needs assessments and discusses issues policy makers should consider as they write legislation.

Pretrial Risk Assessment: Science Provides Guidance on Assessing Defendants

This brief is an overview of pretrial risk assessment tools; what they measure; what they look like and what stakeholders can do to implement them.

Mental Health Screening in Juvenile Justice Settings

This website provides an overview of screening and an excellent guide describing a four phases, ten-step process.

Colorado Reference Guide: Juvenile Screening and Assessment Instruments: Behavioral Health, Trauma, and Risk/Classification

This report explains why valid screening and assessment tools are needed to determine safety risks and needed interventions for juvenile offenders.

A Comparison of Risk Assessment Instruments in Juvenile Justice

This study examined the validity, reliability, equity, and cost of nine juvenile justice risk assessment instruments. 


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