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New York

An Innovative Program Model for Mental Health Clinic Services for Correctional Reentry Populations: The Fortune Society’s Better Living Center

This article describes the program’s development, implementation, funding, four critical keys to success, and future directions.

Testing the Cost Savings of Judicial Diversion: Final Report

This study documented that the new law increased court-ordered treatment participation; reduced incarceration and recidivism among those treated; and increased savings.

How New York City Reduced Mass Incarceration: A Model for Change?

This report examines interconnections between crime, the correctional population, and controversial police practices.

Overview of Research Findings on Pretrial Risk Assessment and Pretrial Supervision

The use of pretrial risk assessment and pretrial supervision are examined in this report.

Pretrial Rearrests Among Domestic Violence Defendants in New York City

Pretrial rearrest among New York domestic violence (DV) defendants is examined.


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