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North Carolina

Short-Term Jail Confinement (Quick Dips) Efficiency

The efficacy of using quick dips, 2-3 day confinement in jail, as a swift and certain response for first time violation of probation is explained.

Analysis Summary: Short-Term Jail Confinement (Quick Dips) Efficacy

This analysis covers supervision compliance outcomes of quick dips in response to probation non-compliance.

Justice Reinvestment in North Carolina: Three Years Later

Three years after North Carolina enacted justice reinvestment legislation, this report reviews the policies the state enacted and their impact on North Carolina’s correctional and criminal justice system.

Operational Searches

This policy explains the process for searching inmates.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Raising the Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction in North Carolina

Those looking to increase the age of juvenile jurisdiction to 18 will find this report useful in getting their shareholders on board with the change.

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