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Offender employment

Replication Validation of the Employment Retention Inventory: An Assessment Tool of the National Institute of Corrections

This report summarizes findings from the Urban Institute’s replication validation of the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) Employment Retention Inventory (ERI).

Work and Opportunity Before and After Incarceration (2018)

Looney, Adam, and Nicholas Turner

Brookings Institution (Washington, DC)

Employer-Driven Employment Model for Justice-Involved Individuals

The Employer-Driven Employment Model for Justice-Involved Individuals illustrates four key processes (or sets of steps) that lead to job placement. 

Evidenced-Based Workforce Training Series

Information, training and resources on employment retention for offenders.

Correctional Industries Preparing Inmates for Re-Entry: Recidivism & Post-Release. Final report

This report summarizes the first national review of the recidivism and post-release effects of the Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) engaging state prison inmates in private sector jobs since 1979.

Community Services Division

The Community Services Division coordinates consulting services (technical assistance), specialized training, and other programs related to probation, parole, and other forms of community-based corrections.

Transition and Offender Workforce Development

The Community Services Division coordinates the efforts of federal, state, local, and nonprofit agencies to improve employment programs for offenders and ex-offenders. The division assists corrections professionals who provide direct services to offenders and ex-offenders.

Ban the Box, Criminal Records, and Statistical Discrimination: A Field Experiment

This study on Ban-the-Box policies confirms that criminal records are a major barrier to employment and can encourage racial discrimination.

Jobs after Jail: Ending the prison to poverty pipeline

This report describes the barriers individuals with criminal records face when they look for high-paying jobs ensuring a degree of economic stability.


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