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Offender employment

Simulated Online/Kiosk Job Application

Offenders can use this CD-ROM to practice completing an employment application using a computer that does not have access to the Internet.

Administrative Guide: Offender Workforce Development Specialist Partnership Training Program (Second Edition)

This guide provides an overview of the Offender Workforce Development Specialist (OWDS) Partnership Training Program.

Inclusion of Proposed Job Titles & Descriptions in SOC Revisions

Skills, functions, and duties are provided for the revised SOC job descriptions OES, OJRS, OWDS, and OWDPM.

Offender Job Retention: A Report from the Offender Workforce Development Division, National Institute of Corrections

This report examines offender employment and retention issues regarding topics such as assessment, case management, follow-up, and relapse.

Results of the Offender Workforce Development Specialist Post-Training Survey

This report presents results about the usability of OWDS class content by the participant once they return to the job.

OCJTP Annual Report to Congress: Fiscal Years 2001 and 2002

Work done by the Office of Correctional Job Training and Placement (OCJTP) to "enhance offenders' abilities to enter and remain in the labor market" is summarized.

Job Descriptions for OES, OWDS, and OWDPM

A comprehensive list of skills, functions, and duties for use by agencies in developing job descriptions for correctional employment specialists.


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