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Offender reintegration

Jobs after Jail: Ending the prison to poverty pipeline

This report describes the barriers individuals with criminal records face when they look for high-paying jobs ensuring a degree of economic stability.

The Reentry of Formerly Incarcerated Persons: Key Accomplishments, Challenges, and Future Directions; A Report on the National Reentry Symposium: Promising Practices and Future Directions

A summary of the DOJ, BOP and NIC's co-sponsored National Reentry Symposium: Promising Practices and Future Directions from September 2015.

Reentry Skills Building Handbook, 2015

This offender reentry handbook contains a flowchart for reenty, along with assistance on topics such as identification, housing and employment.

American Prisons Are Not a Revolving Door: Most Released Offenders Never Return

This report explains why previous estimates about recidivism are inaccurate and fail to take into account the over representation of prison returnees.

Offender Reentry: The Value of Victim Involvement [Broadcast]

This broadcast by the National Institute of Corrections focuses on opportunities and challenges of including victims in the offender reentry process.

The Reentry of Adults Convicted of Sexual Offenses: A National Survey of Reentry Professionals

Results are presented from "a national survey of stakeholders invested in the successful reentry of adults convicted of sexual offenses … The survey findings reveal variability regarding the extent to which respondents’ beliefs about various sex offender-related matters align with current research.

Purposeful Neighboring: Creating Reentry-Ready Communities

Seven chapters comprise this document: whether we really want reentry; understanding recidivism; the reentry reformation; the vision for a reentry-ready community; how to run a local prisoner reentry coalition; fitting it into the larger plan; and the National Reentry Resource Directory.

Performance Incentive Funding for Prison Diversion: An Implementation Study of the DuPage County Adult Redeploy Illinois Program

This webinar illustrates the benefits of blending of cognitive and behavioral theories resulting in effective practice across custody settings.

Offender Reentry: Correctional Statistics, Reintegration into the Community, and Recidivism

This report examines the impact of the Second Chance Act (P.L. 110-199) of 2008 on offender reentry programs.

Prisoner Reentry, Parole Violations, and the Persistence of the Surveillance State

This dissertation examines how parole revocation impacts offenders' abilities to successfully reenter their communities.


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